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Relief Sinus and Allergies with Chiropractic

How Chiropractic help an ordained minister

For many years I suffered from sinus problems, especially sinus pressure and drainage. Today I am about 99 percent of the time sinus problems free and chiropractic played a mayor role in my getting there. But, how could chiropractic have done that? Isn't it primarily used to treat people who have back problems? Yes, many people who go to see a chiropractor have back problems. Yet there is another angle to chiropractic which most people know very little about. Let me explain:

The spinal cord is, as its name implies, a cord of nerve tissue that runs from the brain through the spinal column or back bone, as it is commonly known. Those nerves connect with the organs of the body and keep them running by providing to them vital energy and instructions from the brain. The spinal cord is so vitally important that when a new child is conceived in the maternal womb the very first part of the body that is formed is the spinal cord. Obviously, anything that would interfere with the proper functioning of the spinal cord could result in serious malfunctioning of some organ it serves. Sometimes a person develops pain or other discomfort, including sinus problems, and after extensive tests, etc., the cause of the problem cannot be medically ascertained. In many of those instances the cause of the problem could be that the organ or part of the body affected is not receiving its full supply of vital energy being delivered through the spinal cord nerves. But how could this happen? Sad to say some of us may have been marked from the day we were born to have ill health, because from day one the vital energy flowing through the spinal cord has been impaired. But, how?

Let me start by saying that the vertebra upon which the skull rests is called the atlas and the one below it is the axis. These two vertebrae are the only ones which have a certain amount of movement. Consider now that the spinal cord runs from the brain through the vertebrae that form our back bone, including the atlas and axis. As a new child comes through the birth canal his little head needs to be moved to ease delivery. In that process his/her atlas or axis vertebra can be misaligned. No one would know it. This would, obviously, exert pressure on the spinal cord with its unfortunate results, as explained, above. Sometimes the misalignment takes place during childhood or later on in life: blows to the head, falls, accidents, etc. And here is where chiropractic comes in handy. An experienced chiropractor who does atlas and axis "adjustment" can realigned these vertebrae--usually the axis--to its normal position. The misalignment is called, in chiropractic parlance a "subluxation" of the atlas or axis.

A subluxated atlas or axis may or may not be the cause of the sinus problem. Yet one thing I learned through the years as one who has been "adjusted" a number of times: It is of great general health benefits to have those vertebrae properly aligned. If nothing else it gives the body a better chance to fight the sinus problem and or any other ailment one may have. There is a general wellness that can result from this chiropractic procedure. I can, personally tell when my atlas needs to be adjusted--about twice a year--it is to me that obvious. I know that part of my sinus cure can be attributed to having my atlas properly aligned.

Paul Sanchez is a retired ordained minister who owns and operates: and

There he provides information, help and support for those interested in finding out how he became free from his sinus miseries two years ago.